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Get Ahead of the Game: Claim Your Free List of 20,000 Premier League Keywords

In the world of sports betting, visibility is key. When PPC is too costly or unfeasible, SEO becomes your secret weapon. Done right, SEO consistently draws traffic that converts. To assist you in this ever-evolving quest, we’ve compiled a list of 20,000 Premier League keywords that can substantially elevate your SEO efforts.

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    See Where the Real Money Is

    This may well be the longest list ever compiled on the topic. And it includes a column with the PPC cost for each keyword, enabling you to identify where the real money is. If someone is paying for the traffic, you know it’s valuable.

    Discover and Seize the Low-Hanging Fruit

    We’ve also added a difficulty rating to each keyword. By cross-referencing Difficulty and Value, you can identify and seize the low-hanging fruit. But be quick—do it before your competitor does!

    Assert Your Topical Authority

    Google loves Authority, and Topical Authority is a crucial aspect of it. By incorporating our Premier League-specific keywords into your site’s content, you’ll position yourself as a leading source of betting insights for the world’s most-watched football league. 

    More than 32 million searches monthly

    But remember, the search volumes are not distributed equally across the year. 

    Timing is critical when it comes to sport-related search queries

    Knowing which keywords to target is the first step. Actually targeting them is the second, and knowing when to target them is the third and arguably the most critical step. In the realm of sports-related search queries, timing matters.

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    Our Methodology – How we created the list

    There’s no secret sauce here. You can’t create a list like this without employing the best available tools and dedicating many hours of manual work. We enlisted a team of football-fanatic SEO experts and had them compete to find the most valuable Premier League keywords. After 200 man-hours, we settled on a list of 20,000 keywords.

    And Now, We’re Giving This List Away for Free!

    Seize the Advantage: Claim Your List of 20,000 Premier League Keywords Now!

    Our giveaway is a list of high-volume, low-competition keywords, each carefully selected for their relevance to the Premier League. This invaluable resource can amplify your site’s visibility and attract more relevant traffic.

    And the best part? It’s free. Simply fill out a form to secure your list.

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